Coco 11 weeks old

๐Ÿ“– Zeit / time โ‰ˆ < 1 Min.

This week I’ll tell you about my trips to the park.

When my mistress takes me to the park, my mum and dad have to stay at home so that I don’t get distracted.
My mistress takes this click thing (the clicker) and my food with her.
Since I’m still not allowed to walk that far at a time (it’s 1 minute walk at a time per life week), I’m carried back and forth in my backpack.
When we arrive in the park, I am allowed to get out of the dog backpack. Then we walk off. Whenever I look at my mistress, she clicks and I get something from the food. That’s great, so I always stay close to her.
But once a jogger came past us. I ran after her. My mistress simply went on in the other direction. Then I got a little scared and ran back like lightning to my mistress. She was very happy! There were a lot of treats and I was very hugged.

The trips to the park are always a lot of fun and afterwards I am always very tired.

See you soon,
Your Coco

Rauhaardackel Coco vom Kreuzlinger Forst
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