At the moment we have no dachshunds puppies for sale.

Our previous litters:

C-Litter vom Kreuzlinger Forst:

Hanni vom Klesberg x Dante von der Roten Traun
1 male / 4 females
day of birth 10.04.2019

B-Litter vom Kreuzlinger Forst:

Hanni vom Klesberg x Wotan vom Linteler Forst FCI
5 males / 0 Hündinnen
day of birth 23.02.2018

A-Litter vom Kreuzlinger Forst:

Hanni vom Klesberg x Dante von der Roten Traun
4 males / 2 females
day of birth 02.01.2017

If you would like to take a dachshund puppy from the Kreuzlinger Forst with you, you should get in touch with us in good time. It is particularly important to us to find the right dachshund for the person, but also the right person for the dachshund. For this reason, we do not reserve a puppy without having met the interested persons personally.

Please use our contact form.

Please note that due to the EU regulations for travelling with pets, we will only deliver puppies to other European countries (except Switzerland) at the breeder’s discretion and subject to early agreement and reservation.
Since 2015 puppies are only allowed to enter EU countries with a valid rabies vaccination. From the requirements for the minimum age (12 weeks) and the training for vaccination protection (21 days), this means that puppies cannot be taken abroad until they are at least 15 weeks old.
As a rule, we deliver our puppies at the age of 9 – 10 weeks so that the new owner still has as much as possible of the valuable stamping time (up to the 16th week).