The dachshund is the smallest hunting dog breed recognized by the JGHV and one of the most versatile.
So to speak the “Swiss Army Knife” among the hunting dogs.

The blowing up of foxes is in his cradle, but that is not all by far.
With their fine nose with approx. 125 million olfactory cells, they also do excellent tracking work.
Where in former times one was of the opinion that large dogs were needed on driven hunts to set the wild animals in motion, today one appreciates the rummaging work of our dachshunds. They slowly set the animals in motion and their tracking sound is always clearly audible.
Many dachshunds also like to work apport from the water.

If you just look at the extensive examination regulations of the DTK, you can get an idea of what a dachshund can do.

Even if he is a great family dog, you should never forget that the dachshund is bred for utility work and wants to work accordingly.