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Coco’s Week

“Coco vom Kreuzlinger Forst” was born on April 10, 2019 and stayed with us as a young bitch.
She comes from the proven mating “Dante von der Rote Traun” x “Hanni vom Klesberg”.
After her siblings have moved out, she talks about her training and what she experiences with us.

Coco 14 weeks old

📖 Zeit / time ≈ < 1 Min. This week I'll tell you something about my puppy lesson. Mistress packs me into our car and we drive a felt eternity to Augsburg to a dog place. ...


Coco 13 weeks old

📖 Zeit / time ≈ < 1 Min. Hello friends! Here I am again! I was with mistress this week again in the hunting ground. We walked right through the wood


Coco 12 weeks old

📖 Zeit / time ≈ < 1 Min. My mistress practiced with me again this week. We do nose work every day. The track circle in which I have to look for my food ...


Coco 11 weeks old

📖 Zeit / time ≈ < 1 Min. This week I'll tell you about my trips to the park. When my mistress takes me to the park, my mum and dad have to stay at home ...


Coco 10 weeks old

📖 Zeit / time ≈ < 1 Min. Imagine! My mistress doesn't always give me 4 times a day my food. Now I have to find my food more often! In the garden there lie my kibbles and I have to find the ...


Coco 9 weeks old

📖 Zeit / time ≈ 2 Min. Hi, I'm Coco! You know me - I am a puppy from the C-litter and my breeder, I call her mistress now, has decided that I can stay here. She also said that I should t ...