Coco 14 weeks old

πŸ“– Zeit / time β‰ˆ < 1 Min.

This week I’ll tell you something about my puppy lesson.
Mistress packs me into our car and we drive a felt eternity to Augsburg to a dog place.
There are other dachshunds. But I am the youngest. The other dachshunds are actually already young dogs with 6-7 months.
You know what?
They call me a nerd! And why? Just because I do what I always do! I walk my mistress afterwards, make “Sit” and come to my mistress when she calls me.
After the playing hour on the small square we went over to a bigger square. There was a bridge on which I should go and we already practiced lying down and waiting. Wow, maybe I was flat after that, my mistress left earlier so that it wouldn’t be too much for me!
Next week it goes on.

See you soon, your Coco

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