Coco 20 weeks old

πŸ“– Zeit / time β‰ˆ < 1 Min.

This week was again best summer weather! 🌞
Of course my mistress went to the pond again. This time she had a cool bag with her.
It smelled really exciting – I didn’t have that in my nose before.
She unpacked a duck! πŸ¦†
A real one, not the dummy she used to have with her!
The duck have felt strange. I was allowed to put it in my mouth, but I wasn’t afraid of it.
After a little sniffing and making myself familiar, my mistress threw the duck into the water.
I should get her out. I did, but only as long as I still had ground under my paws.
I didn’t like swimming. Mistress says, we still have to practice that!

Enjoy the last summer weekend,
Your Coco

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