Coco 26 weeks / 6 months old

πŸ“– Zeit / time β‰ˆ < 1 Min.

Today I will tell you how my training will continue.
We will practice several “building blocks”, which will (hopefully) be put together to a big whole at the end.
We have now extended the placeboard training with a so-called target.
Our target is a plastic box with a lid and holes in it.
I am rewarded with the clicker when I nudge the box with my nose.
That works quite well already.

Another component is the training of the trampled food track.
We are currently practicing 20m. Mistress tramples the track first, then she walks again and enters the food with it.
The first goal is that I search slowly and calmly.
It is getting better and better. My mistress is quite satisfied with me.

So it was again,
See you soon,
Your Coco

Pictures of the week

Coco hilft bei der Apfelernte

Coco vom Kreuzlinger Forst

Coco mit beim Ansitz

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