Review of the year 2020

Time for a little review of the year.

Even before the Corona Pandemic overtook us, we had our very own “catastrophe” in our kennel.
Our “Coco vom Kreuzlinger Forst” ended her breeding show and exhibition career as quickly as she started it.
Although she got a “very promising” in autumn, she was disqualified at the breeding show in WΓΌrzburg at the beginning of March due to a tooth defect and thus unfortunately cannot go into breeding.
Of course, the thought of parting with her came up, but this little imp has already left such big paw prints in our hearts that she will nevertheless stay with us.
For many fellow breeders this is completely incomprehensible, but as we don’t know at the moment anyway if and when there can be another litter, we accept it that way and train her to be a hunting companion.

Even though a lot of dog training had to be cancelled because of Corona, we practised diligently and are proud that Coco passed the tests for shot resistance, tracking and the hunting water test as well as the companion dog test with flying colours this year.
Her sisters Cara and Carlotta were not idle either and were able to pass part A of the serviceability test (obedience).

Our Gustl “Dante von der Roten Traun” also made up for part 3 of the companion dog test (water enjoyment), as his enthusiasm for water only developed later.

At the end of the year, our “Hanni vom Klesberg” and her son “Aloisius vom Kreuzlinger Forst” were able to secure the performance mark ESw (aptitude test for wild boar hunting).

We are proud that despite all the adversities of this year, the training of our dogs with us and also with our puppy parents has not been neglected.

Of course we would like to mention that we are proud of ALL our puppies.
Even though not all of them did not take any exams this year, they have of course developed very well in hunting and with their families!
Keep up the good work!

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