Coco 10 weeks old

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My mistress doesn’t always give me 4 times a day my food. Now I have to find my food more often!
In the garden there lie my kibbles and I have to find them. But my mistress is always very proud when I do it well.
And of course I do that well, because I’m hungry!

Recently I have to stay alone every now and then. My mistress says that I have to learn that because a dachshund can’t always go everywhere. I don’t understand that at all, because I am so small that I fit in everywhere!
But what must be, must be. Mistress puts food in my box, turns on the radio and says “see you soon”. I cry briefly, but then I get calm, until mistress is there again. She is totally happy that after such a short time I do it so well.
In the evening I don’t cry at all when my mistress puts me in the box, because I already know that it’s bedtime then. By the way, I already sleep through the night.

Take care, until next week,
Your Coco

Coco vom Kreuzlinger Forst
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