Coco 9 weeks old

πŸ“– Zeit / time β‰ˆ 2 Min.

Hi, I’m Coco!

You know me – I am a puppy from the C-litter and my breeder, I call her mistress now, has decided that I can stay here.

She also said that I should tell you what I experience week after week.

This week was very exciting for me. Suddenly my playgroup got smaller and smaller. First my sisters Cara and Carlotta disappeared. Two days later Cilli and Campino were also gone.
Then the exit of our puppy run was opened and suddenly I was allowed to go everywhere – on the ground floor and in the whole garden, too.
That was really exciting! I was buzzing around a lot. My dachshund dad Gustl doesn’t like that at all. He gave me quite a mouthful. You can’t imagine how scared I was! I squeaked so that my dad was at least just as scared. But now I know that I have to go to my dad very carefully.

My mum Hanni always looks at me, too. If I want to go somewhere that she doesn’t like, she always keeps me from going.

Since the puppy run is open, I am always carried outside when I wake up, have played and after eating. Apparently I’m not supposed to pee inside anymore. Well, but what do I do when it rains?!

Otherwise I get a lot of treats if my mistress wants me to go in my dog backpack and she takes me for a walk. She says that I am still too small to walk all the way. I was allowed to sleep on the rucksack again and again before, so I don’t think it’s so stupid.
I am always fed in my dog box, so I can like the box.

Once a day my mistress takes a strange tool in her hand that makes a clicking noise. That is really funny. It makes a “click” and then I get a treat. Let’s see what that’s good for.
I will report to you!

Make it good,
Your Coco vom Kreuzlinger Forst

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