Hanni vom Klesberg

15T1004R, colour dark wild boar, day of birth 27.04.2015, BhFK/95 | BHP-G | Sfk | Sp | Wa.T. (V)
crd-PRA free | Furnishing: F/F | weight 8,2 kg
will continue to be guided and trained as a hunter

Hanni was born on 27.04.2015 in Schlüchtern / Hesse.
She spent the first 9 weeks there well protected with her six siblings.

Since 27.06.2015 she lives with us in Bavaria and has developed very well.

In March 2016 she passed the gun-shyness test.
On 01.05.2016 Hanni received the form value “excellent” at the breeding show of the Mühldorf section and passed the BHP-G in July 2016.
Thus she has fulfilled all requirements for breeding approval.

Hanni had her first puppies on 02.01.2017. Instinctively she gave birth to the four boys and two girls and raised them.

In 2017 Hanni passed the further test for voice on track (Spurlautprüfung) (100 points), water test (Wassertest) (32 points) and the fox’s earth test (Eignungstest für Baujagd).
In March 2018, the BDK awarded her the title of Third Best Working Dog.
She will be further trained as a hunter.

On 23.02.2018 Hanni had her second litter with 5 males. Also in this litter she showed herself to be an exemplary mother.
After the puppy break she continues with her hunting training.

Coco vom Kreuzlinger Forst

19T0499R, colour dark wild boar, day of birth 10.04.2019, BHP-G
Ahnentafel Coco vom Kreuzlinger Forst

Coco was born on 10.04.2019 in our kennel.
She has stayed with us as a young bitch and is being trained for hunting.
On 19.09.2020 she passed the BHP-G in 1st prize as day winner.
More of Coco can be found on the page Coco’s week

Dorina vom Kreuzlinger Forst

21T0931R, colour dark wild boar, day of birth 02.05.2021

Our Wusel. 💛
Dorina was born on 02.05.2021 with us.
She is our offspring hope and may stay for the time being.
Of course she will also be trained for hunting.